8. Good-To-Know

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Here are some tricks that I use to speed up my workflow ✨

Working with the Chrome Dev Tools Console

If you've ever dabbled with frontend development, you're already familiar with the dev tools. They cover everything from debugging (incl. setting breakpoints), through XHR request inspection, to code flow analysis, and much more. On top of that, it's incredibly easy to inspect HTML nodes and interact with the DOM. These interactions happen through JavaScript which is exposed through the console. In other words, we have a fully featured NodeJS-like environment at our fingertips!
This environment does not necessarily have to interact with the website it's currently open on — I use it a lot for general tasks such as JSON array iteration, formatting, and copying:
Demonstrating the usage of the map, join, reduce, and copy functions.

JSON Formatter & Validator

I use this site whenever I need to format / prettify / compactify / validate a JSON.
notion image
I strive to format the code in my StackOverflow answers as best I can and this JSON formatter has been instrumental in making them what they are 😉 .

Visually Compare (Queries)

Some of my applications dynamically generate Elasticsearch queries, which, when unfurled, are often thousands of lines long. I first prettify these queries and then use diffchecker.com to inspect their differences further.

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